Psychometric Career Assessments

Career Analysis for 8th, 9th & 10th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and subjects

Career Analysis for 11th & 12th Class

It will help you to find out most suitable career path and career road map with detailed execution plan

Engineering Branch Selector

It will help you to select most suitable engineering branch before engineering college admission.

Career Analysis for Graduates

It will help you to find out Most Suitable Career path and Career Road map with detailed execution plan

Career Analysis for Professionals

Early and Mid career counselling for professionals with detailed execution plan

About Us


Our mission is to help match interests, personality and skills of students. To take students into an inner journey where they understand their interests and capabilities and assist them to map their career in congruence with their interest and aptitude.

As soon as students reach the ninth grade, they are asked by their family and friends about what they want to pursue as a career after their 10th standard.

Most of them are in a state of dilemma and have no clue of what they want to do.  Typically, choices are made on their grades and marks.  High scorers take science stream, others prefer to go in for commerce or arts stream.

Doctors, Engineers and CAs is all we think as an ultimate career and squash the students real potential and abilities to excel in other fields too. This pushes them into making incorrect career choices.

Our role is to modify these typical thought patterns and to open up various options and choices of careers which best suits the students as per their interests and aptitude. Only then we will have happy human beings which make a happier society.

Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.


- Katherine Whitehorn

About The Counsellor

I am an UCLA (US) Certified Career counselor having completed my Global Career Counselor Certification.  I want to be the person that students come to when they need career guidance and encouragement.

I have been complimented on my interpersonal skills when interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. I have worked as a counselor in the computer education industry helping students choose the right courses. Over the years i have seen individuals making wrong career choices. I believe all of us have tremendous potential but it has to be identified.

Career choices have to be made on the basis of:

What the child is?

What he likes?

What he knows?

What he has?

Not only this he has to identify the opportunities available keeping all this in mind. Only then we can have a society with happy individuals doing what they are best suited for and what makes them satisfied.

My desire is to guide and advice each child and plan a career according to his potential, skills and personality. And to give information to students about the different industries and professions in each industry.

In todays world there are so many options available we need to make children aware of these options. And choose the one best suited for them. Within a kaleidoscope a vast number of complex patterns can be generated from a small number of colored plastic shapes. Similarly, within each individual, a vast number of career choices can be made by simply matching their interest to their personality and skill.


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